Idea: e-ink Music tablet

I'm imagining something about A3-A4 format, fairly slim. Are e-ink tablets a thing?

I bought a keyboard a year or so back to get back into playing piano. When I played growing up, I was able to lean on the smallish collection of sheet music my parents had lying around, but I now don't have any of that. I also have little desire to reacquire any – it's costly, takes up a bunch of space and just seems a bit of a waste.

However, how can I play anything that I don't know or can't figure out by ear (i.e. basically everything)? Fortunately, there are a host of sites that have sprung up to offer PDFs and other forms of sheet music, offering the near limitless bounds of the internet in musical form. Much like the plethora of tablature for guitar, it's a wonderful resource.

Unfortunately, that then means I have to have a computer screen in front of my keyboard. I can pick up my keyboard and plonk it in front of my computer desk, but it's a clunky solution, and feels a bit messy and annoying. If I had a tablet, I guess I could use that, but I'm not buying one just for this – it'd be massive overkill.

However, I started thinking about my Kindle – I've got one of the original Kindle Paperwhites – it's a small blocky thing with an e-ink display, backlight and touch control. It uses minimal battery and is amazing for reading. Something like that would be perfect for music, and could even work for tablature to boot. There might need to be an e-book equivalent format concocted for music/tab, but being able to have a library of downloaded music, and tapping or swiping to navigate pages would be ideal. An e-ink display would use minimal battery, meaning even a slim Li-Ion battery pack could last weeks. For bonus points, you could integrate a player that could play tracks at original speed as well as slowed down, or play backing tracks... the possibilities are endless!