Hello, I'm Oli Hall (they/them). Currently based in Manchester, I'm passionate about climate change, decarbonisation, equality and the human condition. I try my best to be a good human, though often fall short.

Some of the things I fill my time with include:

  • software – mostly backend/data engineering, though I've worn various hats
  • climate action – the principal focus of much of my work over the last year or two
  • research – deep dives into topics, often related to climate and decarbonisation
  • art – mostly pencil and line work, but attempting to move to digital painting
  • music – I play a selection of instruments with varying degrees of success, and consume music like the soul food it is
  • powerlifting – currently at a 530kg total at 85kg BW
  • bouldering
  • baking – if it is bad for you and involves chocolate, I'm down to try and make it
  • gaming – PC gaming mostly, but I'll try almost anything
This site evolved mostly from a feeling of inadequacy in working as a software engineer but not having my own corner of the internet. It's a home for my various ramblings about tech, projects I'm working on, things wot I done, and anything else that feels like it belongs here. It's also an excuse to play around with front-end frameworks and generally pretend I know how to JavaScript. It's fairly bare-bones for now, but I'll expand it out and neaten things up as and when I find the time.
Work related things

I've worked in a few different tech startups across London, as a Software Engineer, Data Engineer and Team Lead. Startups being what they are, I've ended up being a bit of a Jack of all Trades (decent at a number of things, master of none ;)).

At the moment, I'm working on several projects relating to Climate Change:

  • Forge the Future – a weekly climate newsletter going out to a few hundred fine folks every Wednesday, and a collection of climate-related resources and information on climate solutions.
  • The Raven – a newsletter discussing the technological aspects of decarbonising aviation, and what the future of flight may look like in a net-zero world.

I'll hopefully update this as other projects come to fruition.

If you want to get in contact about something I've done, or something you think I might be interested in, fire me an email, or contact me on Twitter.

If you like what I do and would like to support me, feel free to buy me a coffee:

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